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Web-Lon-2 I enjoy warmer winters under a palm tree, with summers in Vancouver, BC, Canada – having recently enjoyed months in the jungles of Costa Rica, Borneo and southern Mexico. Other cultures are important to me and as both books and eBooks recently published, 100 Travel Moments – In 42 Countries, and Among Maya Ruins encompasses this. They are recently published as paper backs and marketed by, and Amazon Europe.

I’ve now set both composing and writing film scripts aside to focus on writing in the genre of Literary Travel whenever and where ever possible. My endeavours in the arts (in general) began one and one-half decades ago. 


I soon leave for Panama and will continue to combine my travels with my writing.

My spacescape painting series  (of 125 works) is planned to be exhibited for sale this winter. Having studied Art History and Painting Technique in Paris, France, in the sixties – Cubism and Abstract Expressionism, had been my focus. Very few artists have applied their technique with a focus on worlds as yet unknown and my goal now was to present a unique series within the genre of Outer Space Expressionism. The spacescape series was created over an eleven year period.

Presently I am writing “Goblet Maker’s Wife”, set in the 1600’s.
I hope that the read will be as enjoyable as the process of writing it.

RASC logoI enjoy membership in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, (RASC) made up of 5000 astronomy enthusiasts, scientists and astronomy professionals.

Collaboration with the RASC organisation keeps me informed of many exciting and new celestial happenings, which form the basis of my spacescapes.


A sold Seascape Series, painted about 16 years ago includes, Slideshow #9 (following):