I appreciate any comments in reference to my books, eBooks or outer space paintings. I do not use email addresses except for direct communication as requested.

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I’m now working on a video titled “Exoplanets And Exotic Stars” – after which I’ll be selling my outer space art exhibited as a single focus (acrylics and oils). The purchase of the original art works may also be discussed by way of using this email contact. At present the price of my art is in six categories:

  • Paintings up to the dimension of 16 inches – $750.00
  • up to 20 inches – $1,000.00
  • up to 24 inches – $2.000.00
  • up to 30 inches – (a) $3,500.00 and (b) $3000.00
  • up to 40 inches – $4,000.00.

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Lonnie Pelletier