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Amomg Maya Ruins wordpress2TRAVEL through one-thousand years to the ruined cities of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Twenty-two ruins are described by an adventurous couple sharing their hands-on experience – with just enough details to enable the enjoyment of these architectural wonders. Over five-thousand kilometres were covered in the process of viewing these ruined cities, from the north at Progreso, to the west at Campeche, east to Chetumal and Playa del Carmen, and south at the border of Guatemala and Belize. Anecdotes and history make a wonderful combination in this professionally written account of modern day risk taking. Architectural majesty accounts for the vitality and the focus in this guide to the beauty of Maya archaeology! Written less than one year ago, with Literary Travel as a genre, complete with 77 photos, “Among Maya Ruins” is by definition – a best seller! $5.00 CAD.

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Travel Moments Cover wpTRAVEL to 42 countries with 100 incredible color (colour)! “100 Travel Moments” is unique as 50 years of travel is enjoyed and shared. These were wonderful moments of humanism, often humorous, sometimes philosophical, other times political and often times none of the communication was verbal – just felt and shared between cultures that normally would be misunderstood. Many of the countries of Asia, Europe, North America and South America are included. 100 photos. Literary Travel as a genre, with 77 photos. $5.00 CAD.

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C6 Pelletier ChroniclesTRAVEL through all of Canadian history with the Pelletier family chronicles spanning five-hundred years – evolving as moves coincide with pioneering: in 1501 in Perche, France, in 1641 to Quebec, in 1827 to New Brunswick and in 1901 to the Rocky Mountains. Born in the 1490’s, the grandmother begins the narrative, hiding in a vegetable bin in Chartres, France, during a 1568 battle. “The Lad From Chartres, The Man of French Antiquity, The Pioneer, The Artist, The Paternal Parent, The Farmer, The Medieval Traditionalist, The Rebel Philosopher, The Renaissance Man, The Roots Seeker, The Subtle Comic, and The Author” – are among the generations. Non-fiction. $5.00 CAD.Preview Button 2

Cover PARIS ART QUEST webTRAVEL through the museums of Paris, France! As a concise history of one hundred years of contemporary art, Paris Art Quest is entertaining as a real-time search for the meaning of modern painting. The experience of Paris, France in the mid-sixties is coupled with recently returning. The former student life, art museums, galleries and vibrancy of Paris is shared. Fifty paintings by Lonnie Pelletier are shown as examples of the evolution of defined art styles, all explained chronologically. It is a wonderful value as an art history book in color (colour)! Numerous public libraries have had this art book stocked. Non-fiction. $5.00 CAD.

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5 book wp 2TRAVEL to outer space as Exoplanets – 101 Spacescapes merges astronomy and art. With 50% text, these outstanding paintings portray the worlds beyond imagination and splendor. Very few artists have applied their technique with a focus on those worlds as yet unknown. These works are unique within the genre of Outer Space Expressionism. These are the paintings of other galaxies, not as illustrations, nor as science, but rather as an aesthetic presentation. The two Voyager space-probes have now passed out of our Sun’s heliosphere’s outer structure, therefore we are now actually exploring other solar systems physically. We are able to casually enjoy art within the science of exoplanets – with 101 color (colour) reproductions of paintings. $5.00 CAD.

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eBook 4eBook 5Galaxies For Kids and More Galaxies For Kids are of a newer eBook technology, with pop-up text above the reproductions of the outer space paintings. Not necessarily for younger readers, as the paintings may be enjoyed without the detailed text of “Exoplanets – 101 Spacescapes”. The 55 paintings are horizontal in the first book, with a different set of 41 works being vertical in the second. Previews are not available for this format. Both eBooks are $3.75 CAD.


Cover MEMORY web 100SEARCH for memory over fifty years, within inner conscious and subconscious decisions made in this story-line, all of which encompass the clinical worlds of psychology and psychiatry. Unfolding with twisting turns of fact finding and exploring both Dissociative Systematized Amnesia and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, the protagonist must deal with successes and failures. His love interest is shown as having Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID. or Multiple Personalities) – as their lives evolve around coping with her personal history, her resulting actions and their individual hospitalisation. Non-fiction. $5.00 CAD.Preview Button 2


FOUR EBOOKS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE: At some point a logical shelf-life has to be considered. Sea Scout Sea, Anne And Jean, Circular Journey and Sid Canada Smith have all been retired. Thank you to the readers of these books. I enjoyed the process of writing them and I look forward to even more communication within this wonderful manner of publishing.


My eBooks are purchased from Amazon with .com, .ca or .co.uk depending on your location. Please check out these sites separately. For a total list, just type in “Lonnie Pelletier”.




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